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How to Avoid Panty lines

Visible panty lines can ruin your looks. Tight clothing such as jersey, silk, and another lightweight, slinky fabrics are not your friends when comes to hiding panty lines –  they’re too smooth and clingy. For these type of fabrics, you need panties that feels like a second skin under your clothes. So we have got […]

How to measure right bra size at home

Surprisingly research has shown that at least 80 % of women do not wear the right size bra. Few common issues women face by choosing a wrong bra are wrinkling in the cups, underwire jabbing the sides of your bosoms, a band that rides up, cup spillage, slipping ties, or a bra that climbs up […]

How to choose lingerie according to your body type

It is challenging to look for lingerie as per your body type. Knowing what works for your body type makes shopping easier, and will make you feel self-assured in your new lingerie. Use the following tips that will be suitable for your body type: Pear-shaped If you are pear shaped it means that you are […]