How to Avoid Panty lines

Visible panty lines can ruin your looks. Tight clothing such as jersey, silk, and another lightweight, slinky fabrics are not your friends when comes to hiding panty lines –  they’re too smooth and clingy. For these type of fabrics, you need panties that feels like a second skin under your clothes.

So we have got you 4 panties styles to get rid of the visible panty lines:

Seamless Panties:

Wear the panty that makes you feel like you are commando. That is seamless panties. These panties have laser cut edges that are barely visible. Prefer elastic or spandex fabric in seamless panties.


Wearing thongs is a good idea as the panty lines don’t show. They are not necessarily the most comfortable nightwear but are an excellent option for wearing it with tight clothes. Some key factors to consider while wearing thongs are:

  • Make sure that the rear view when you sit or squat since these positions tend to expose a part of the thong while you’re wearing pants that are low–cut.
  • G-strings have even fewer fabrics than thongs, so they’re the most excellent option for reducing panty lines.
  • Thongs and G-strings can be a lot more uncomfortable if they’re tight, so make sure you buy the correct size.

Boy shorts:

For those ladies who don’t prefer thongs, there is another option. Boyshorts give full coverage, and because they do not cut across your butt, they offer a much more seamless look than most bikini-style underwear. You can wear boyshorts with any type of skirts or jeans. You need to be more careful with boy shorts than you do with thongs because they do not completely eliminate the possibility of a visible panty line. It’s a good idea to test them out with your favourite pair of form-fitting pants. Boy shorts are available in many different materials.


For the totally smooth look, you should try shapewear that also controls extra bulges on lower stomach, thigh or butt with no panty lines. Shapewear comes in many different designs and colour with different types of outfits. Don’t wear too tight shapewear, you will feel uncomfortable.


  1. Don’t wear tight panties otherwise, they will dig into your skin and cause unsightly panty lines.
  2. At the same time, you should not select underwear that is extremely loose because it can easily wrinkle up your clothes thus showing bumps and wrinkles.
  3. Make sure the panties fit snugly, if panty is loose it will not support butt and extra fabric will be hanging down that will not give seamless look you want.
  4. If you love to wear skirts, consider wearing a loose-fitting style that will not show panty lines as much. For instance, in place of wearing a tight pencil skirt, wear an A-line skirt.
  5. For avoiding panty lines match your underwear to your skin tone wearing light coloured clothes.
  6. Do not wear tight fitted clothing like leggings. Leggings are especially possible to show panty lines. If you want to wear them with regular panties, think of wearing a tunic-length shirt with them. The shirt will cover your butt.


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