Buying Lingerie Online VS Offline

Buying lingerie from stores is a tough job for women. With upcoming online stores, girls go through less awkwardness even though most of them still buy from stores. Given below is some awkward moments each girl faces during shopping lingerie in shops. They are:

Awkward situations women face by shopping lingerie in shops

In India why girls feel shy when buying lingerie in shops? Simply because girls feel awkward telling the style, size or design to the salesman. If you want to try something new for special occasions they don’t have much on display and you have to ask the salesperson for particular design or style Here are nine awkward moments every Indian girl faces while shopping inner wears from a local lingerie shop:

There are men in lingerie shops

Offline: In stores, beginning from the cashier to the salesperson they are mostly men. Even before you can digest the fact that you’re standing in a lingerie store, you need to face some skeptical eyes.  Some random guy asking you for your bra size can get awkward as hell! Not only that, some shopkeepers even tell you what your bra size would be. If you tell them a particular size, they would deny and ask you to check another one.

Online: Lingerie websites gives the whole variety of lingerie displayed right in front of you.  You can literally go through endless options like a boss in order to choose your favourites. You can search according to your particular size and style you want.

Small trial rooms

Offline: Stores are usually small and their trial rooms can be suffocating. As soon as you go inside the trial room there is barely any space for you to fit.

Online: Online websites will give you the opportunity to buy and try them at home and if the size doesn’t fit you, or you don’t like the product for any reason you can easily return the product.

Future trends

Offline: The local lingerie stores are not actually updated with their collection. They generally have boring and old styles. They have only two kinds of categories: the so-called “branded” and the so-called “light quality” and they both are alike.

Online: Online stores will astonish with you with their never-ending range of bras, panties, babydoll, nightwear, teddies and what not.

On the other hand, online shopping is better for the following reasons:

  • Available fit tests.
  • Executives assist in return and exchange products you may not require.
  • There is more variety of lingerie online.
  • Online stores also provide gift facilities for their coustmer to send gifts wherever they like.
  • No crowded spaces, one of the best reasons to buy online is to stay away from crowded shops and malls.
  • Shopping at a cheaper price, online stores offer good deals and discounts as compared to local stores because the products come to the customers directly from the manufacturer without any middleman.

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