Tips for choosing the best bra fabric according to seasons

When buying bras it is important to keep in mind the fabric of the bra according to the season. You should wear lingerie according to the season. Given below are some of the methods in which you can select the ideal bra for the particular season.


Shopping for a bra in the heat can be troublesome. In summers you can dress smartly despite the sweat all over your body. When you are going bra shopping you will be tempted to buy the most attractive designs and colours. Even though you want a bra that looks nice it is essential to pay attention to the purpose of particular colours and fabrics that keep you sweat-free:

1. Lighter fabric like cotton bras will keep you comfortable and keep you cool underneath your clothes. Do not wear padded bras as they will make you feel pain in summers because you will sweat.

2. In summers you start wearing dresses, halter tops, off- shoulder tops and plunging neckline tops. Then you begin thinking which bra should be worn with these clothes? For off- shoulder tops you should wear a thin lacy strapless bra.

3. Lace is a fabric like cotton that is breathable thus you can wear lacy bras in summer. Lace has a good name in the world of bras since lace holds its shape better than nearly all other fabrics and it’s also breathable in summer.

4. For halter tops select your everyday bra. A cotton everyday bra is the best bra to wear in summer as they let your skin breathe through.

5. When wearing your backless style clothes you must wear a self-adhesive backless bra that provides you with the coverage you require in front without a strap.


Not everyone likes monsoon because of the wet puddles all around and clothes getting wet. And for us women, this possibly means a whole lot of discomfort and embarrassment. Most of the bras we buy are of cotton because of soft fabric, it’s comfortable, durable and absorbent. But in monsoon, you should wear polyamide bras because it contains natural fibers which soak up moisture hence drying up rapidly. Synthetic bras can be worn in a rainy season. Polyamide too is soft and feels like second skin. Wear non-padded bras unless it is highly essential as the cotton padding will keep the moisture for a long time that infuses smell.


For the cold winters buy the perfect bra. Some types of bras that you should wear winters are:
1. Padded bras: In winters our nipples become more responsive. Select some padded bras that will assist you in getting the right shape.
2. Push-up bra: If you wearing knitwear ensure you wear a push–up bra. Heavy woollens and too much layering can make your breasts look a bit flat. It will give you the ideal sexy cleavage and figure.
3. Seamless bras: Beneath your sweaters, you can wear seamless bras. Padded and underwire bras can immediately define and improve your shape, while the laser cut edges go completely hidden even under the very tight clothes.

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